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Harassment is a commonly used term in our society and culture today. However, these allegations are extremely serious and may spell life-altering consequences for those accused of harassment. In New Jersey, harassment is a criminal offense that may result in a sentence to serve up to 30 days in the county jail and a fine of up to $500. Further, it will appear on a criminal background check and may serve as an impediment when pursuing future employment and educational opportunities. It may also present a problem if you want to volunteer in a community organization or even adopt a child. Harassment charges are often issued in the context of domestic violence, between former spouses, dating partners, or others whose relationships have soured. When this occurs, the person accused of harassment may face criminal charges as well as a restraining order, which are dealt with in two separate legal proceedings, both of which can spell devastating results. In either scenario, a conviction for harassment threatens to damage your reputation, your relationships, and essentially, your life. To protect yourself, it is highly advisable to have an experienced harassment defense lawyer in your corner.

William Fay is a highly respected criminal defense attorney who regularly represents clients facing criminal charges and restraining orders in Camden County and South Jersey. For years, Mr. Fay has used his extensive knowledge and skill to develop and execute the best defense strategies for his clients in courts in South Jersey. In fact, he uses his former position as a Deputy Attorney General working on behalf of the state to craft and execute the best possible defenses for his clients. If you are facing harassment charges and/or a restraining order in Camden County, NJ, don’t delay in finding the answers you need. To discuss your case with Mr. Fay today, contact his offices at 609-832-3202. Consultations are always provided free of charge.

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Under New Jersey law, charges for harassment are described in section N.J.S.A. 2C:33-4 of the New Jersey Criminal Code. With regard to harassment, the statute provides the following:

A person commits a petty disorderly persons offense if, with purpose to harass another, he or she:

a. Makes, or causes to be made, a communication or communications anonymously or at extremely inconvenient hours, or in offensively coarse language, or any other manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm;

b. Subjects another to striking, kicking, shoving, or other offensive touching, or threatens to do so; or

c. Engages in any other course of alarming conduct or of repeatedly committed acts with purpose to alarm or seriously annoy such other person.

A person commits a crime of the fourth degree if, in committing an offense under this section, he was serving a term of imprisonment or was on parole or probation as the result of a conviction of any indictable offense under the laws of this State, any other state or the United States.

Penalties for Harassment in New Jersey

As mentioned above, harassment is typically classified as a petty disorderly persons offense in New Jersey, which is similar to a criminal misdemeanor. Petty disorderly persons offenses are adjudicated in the local municipal court associated with the municipality where the charges were filed. In other words, if you were charged with harassment in Voorhees, you will face prosecution in Voorhees Municipal Court. Notably, if you are facing a restraining order in connection with harassment allegations, you will also be required to appear in Camden County Superior Court for a Final Restraining Order hearing. If you are ultimately found guilty of harassment criminal charges, you may be sentenced to serve up to 30 days in the county jail, to pay a find of up to $500, and you will have a charge on your criminal record that can only be removed through the expungement process.

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