Do You Need a Lawyer for a Camden City DWI Case?

Enlisting a Talented DWI Defense Attorney is the Smart Move for Individuals Arrested and Charged with DUI Offenses in the City of Camden, NJ. 

Charged with DWI Camden City NJ Need AttorneyCamden, New Jersey, is a densely populated city in Camden County, bordering the Delaware River facing Philadelphia. Home of the U.S.S. New Jersey and one of the campuses for Rutgers University, Camden has its share of tourists and city dwellers that travel its nearly 200 miles of roadways, including major interstates 676, 76, and U.S. Route 30. With its diverse population and recent redevelopment of parts of the city to lower crime and increase jobs, Camden strives to improve the safety of the 20 neighborhoods within its borders. Like most urban centers, however, it has its challenges. Given the population density and numerous county and interstate roads that intersect the city, drunk and drugged driving is a primary focus keeping the county and local police busy. Streets with DWI patrols and random police officers enforcing New Jersey’s laws against driving under the influence are a near-constant feature of life in the City of Camden.

For those who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, getting arrested and charged with a DWI by the police is no joke. The consequences of a DWI in New Jersey reflect the state’s rigorous attempt to make the roads safe. New Jersey is a tough-on-crime state, and although a DWI is not a crime in the “criminal” sense of the word, the financial and personal costs of a DWI conviction for this traffic violation are enormous. Considering the ramifications, anyone facing DUI charges in Camden City should not delaying in consulting an experienced DWI lawyer. Call 609-832-3202 anytime, day or night, if you need a free attorney consultation.

Do You go to Jail for a DWI in Camden City NJ?

Depending on the particular aspects of a DUI case, convicted drivers may remain locked into the judicial system paying costly fines, fees, penalties, and assessments before they can move on with their lives. They must dedicate hours educating themselves of the dangers to themselves and others when they drive impaired and be constantly reminded of their mistake each time they have to blow into a device to start their cars. They may even serve time in jail before they are free.

New Jersey punishes driving impaired commensurate to the driver’s danger to the public. In other words, the higher the blood alcohol concentration for a first-time DWI and the more DWI convictions in the past, the likelier the driver will hurt people or property, and thus, the harsher the punishment. A DUI for drug impairment also results in a stiff sentence. A conviction can mean years of inconvenience and financial burden. It could also mean jail time and suspended driving privileges.

How is Evidence for Gathered for a Camden City DUI Charge?

When a driver is arrested for a DWI, the police have essentially already cemented their belief in the driver’s impairment by field sobriety testing and observation. For a DWI alcohol conviction, the police must also obtain evidence of a driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC), which is typically tested via a breathalyzer. For a drugged driver, the police may need a Drug Recognition Expert exam to produce evidence of drug impairment.

How do they Determine the Sentence if Convicted of a DWI in Camden City?

For drunk driving, BAC is not the only factor in determining penalties for a DWI. Age, history, and license also figure into the punishment calculation. For example, an underage drinker caught on the road only needs to register .01% BAC, as opposed to the .08% of a legal drinker, to get an underage DWI. A conviction results in a 90-day license suspension and potentially, driving with an ignition interlock device (IID) that requires the driver to blow into a device to start the vehicle. They must also attend classes for safe driving education and perform community service. A minor under 17 convicted of a DWI will have to wait a prescribed period before getting a driver’s license. And truckers or other drivers with commercial vehicle licenses may face convictions for BACs of .04%. A convicted driver faces a license suspension and the probable loss of employment in addition to the usual penalties non-commercial drivers get.

Those 21 or over with non-commercial licenses receive sentences based on their DWI history as well. First-time drivers convicted of a DWI pay less and spend less time driving with an IID or attending education courses than those with multiple convictions. They also are unlikely to go to jail unless their BAC is exceptionally high. Punishment also increases as the BAC rises. First time offenders with lower BACs must drive with an IID for less time and pay lower fines than those who blow higher BACs. Higher BACs may also result in license suspensions. All first-time offenders pay fees to various agencies to protect the public and fund drunk driving prevention resources and risk a jail sentence. However, first-time offenders with low BACs are not as likely to go to jail as those with higher BACs or repeat offenders.

For second and third offenders, the law comes down hard. They risk losing their licenses and driving with an IID for years. Repeat offenders pay higher fines, fees, and penalties and spend longer time getting educated at IDRC too. Jail time is also certain and mandatory for a third offense. Community service is also a given. In addition, a refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test for the first-time offense includes fines, assessments, and an ignition interlock device for a minimum of 9 months.

What Court Handles DUI Cases in the City of Camden?

If your arrest for a DWI occurred within the City of Camden, your case goes to Camden Municipal Court located at 520 Market Street, City Hall, 4th Floor in Camden. Traffic matters go to municipal court for decision and sentencing by a judge, not a jury. And even though you might think a traffic offense is minor, the penalties are significant. You are not required to hire an attorney to represent you, but you are wise if you do. You may not know that DWIs are unlike other legal violations. You cannot get them expunged, meaning deleted from your driving record. A stain like a DWI may reduce your life chances on several fronts, especially if you have a job that requires driving.

Not only do DWIs stay on your driver’s record and result in other life consequences like higher costs for auto insurance, but the sentence is non-negotiable if convicted. The best you can do is avoid conviction in the first place.

Call a Quality DUI Attorney Handling Camden City NJ DWI Charges

If any part of your City of Camden DWI case was handled improperly or unlawfully, you may have a very viable chance of suppressing the evidence and possibly, getting the case dismissed. Thus, everything that happened after an illegal stop, error in procedure with field sobriety or breath testing, misstep like leaving the room during your required period of observation, and more cannot be used against you during DWI trial in Camden Municipal Court. Your case may be dismissed without evidence of the reason for the traffic stop, your performance on field sobriety tests, or your BAC reading. Contact our seasoned Camden DWI lawyers to defend you against DUI charges. If you were arrested, reach out to us now to explain how you can potentially avoid a DWI conviction. Free consultations are available immediately by contacting 609-832-3202.


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